VGrid’s Persist Biochar benefits featured in Golfdom Magazine

CAMARILLO, Calif., Aug. 8, 2022 /Golfdom Magazine/ —

As increasingly large regions experience water shortages, California-based V-Grid Energy Systems and its Persist biochar soil additive aim to put a dent in required golf course hydration and fertilization.

According to V-Grid, golf courses can cut water use by 40 percent through use of biochar.

Biochar, a black carbon produced from biomass such as wood chips, plant residues, manure or other agricultural waste products, creates a sponge that retains moisture and nutrients in soil to decrease irrigation needs.

V-Grid CEO and co-founder Greg Campbell says his company has allowed select customers to try out Persist biochar, with plans calling for broader promotion to begin no later than September.

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Biochar absorbs and retains significant amounts of water, giving seeds a better chance to germinate and does not expand in size when wet — potentially cutting down on repaired divots damaged during mowing operations.

Persist biochar also improves the effectiveness of topdressing activities, reducing overall watering and fertilization expense, V-Grid says.

For general planting, V-Grid recommends a 10-20-percent biochar mix.

Increasing soil’s ability to retain nutrients to prevent leaching and promote fertility is among several other benefits of biochar use cited by Campbell. He adds that his product lowers a user’s overall carbon footprint. As by storing or sequestering biochar long-term in soil, it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In addition to biochar, V-Grid offers Persist PAF liquid plant enhancer. PAF improves the availability of iron and other minerals to grass and plants, which are essential in chlorophyll production, promoting photosynthesis and greener grass.

Campbell says he and colleagues very much look forward to making a market splash with Persist biochar and PAF over the next few months.