Scent Away Launches Chicken Coop Deodorizer, Swine Stall Deodorizer, and Horse Stall Deodorizer

CAMARILLO, Calif., Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scent Away products, a nationwide provider of safe, all-natural and fragrance-free animal deodorizers, announced the debut of their new line of barnyard animal deodorizers. The full line of thoughtfully formulated and thoroughly tested products includes three new categories now available on Scent Away’s website. Scent Away is more than just a name, it is a precise blend of natural Zeolite and active carbon that is designed to absorb moisture and maximize odor elimination.

“With the strong success of our pet litter deodorizers, we’re excited to now expand the Scent Away product line to serve barnyard animal owners,” said Jeff Norton, Vice President of Business Development. “We’ve received tremendous feedback from customers on Scent Away’s product effectiveness. This along with a growing desire among pet and barnyard animal owners for eco-friendly products, we felt the time was right to significantly expand the Sent Away line.”

Scent Away’s barnyard animal deodorizers feature the Chicken Coop Deodorizer, Swine Stall Deodorizer and Horse Stall Deodorizer. All will help naturally eliminate animal waste odors, reduce moisture, and extend bedding life, while also improving pest control. The products are great to use for complete coop or stall cleanouts as well as daily spot maintenance.

The active biocarbon in all Scent Away products are created through a safe, environmentally friendly process that converts plant waste into both clean energy and biocarbon. The carbon in this plant waste, which would have been otherwise released into the atmosphere, is effectively captured in the active biocarbon. As a result, each Scent Away product that is sold is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and roll-back climate change.

The new Scent Away deodorizers will be priced at $59.99 weighing at 25lb. There will be a monthly subscription option for each deodorizer, or it will be available to be purchased as a stand-alone product. Scent Away’s Chicken Coop Deodorizer, Swine Stall Deodorizer and the Horse Stall Deodorizer are all available for purchase online at

About Scent Away Products:
Scent Away all-natural Deodorizers are safe and fragrance-free made of natural Zeolite and Active Carbon. Our active carbon is biochar produced through the generation of clean energy, using renewable agriculture waste. Natural Zeolite is a common animal litter ingredient and is a safe, all-natural mineral. Scent Away is a precise blend of these two ingredients, designed to absorb moisture and maximize odor elimination. In tests, Scent Away’s Active Carbon provided up to a 10x increase in odor elimination compared to zeolite alone. For more information, visit

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