Clean Energy and Carbon Negative


with gigaton-scale carbon removal.


Bioserver Units in Operation


Bioserver Units in Operation

The future

Bioserver Units in Operation


Operating 10,000 Bioservers across the US by 2033

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Animated Map of VGrid Future Locations

We’re building a modular and flexible bioenergy network that deploys easily and scales quickly.

Our Vision Is…

Clean Energy

produced from agricultural waste.

Capturing Carbon

to help reverse climate change.

Providing benefits

to the environment in many ways.

We convert agricultural waste into bio-energy and bio-goods

VGrid’s modular, high-temperature, biomass gasification process is optimized to generate clean energy and produce high-quality biochar and bio-liquids that naturally improve plants and soil.

VGrid has developed the technology and a profitable business model that will help reverse climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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VGrid offers carbon credits (CORCs) through
Help us on our journey to remove a gigaton of CO2.

Creating new revenue streams for organic waste

VGrid earns revenue from clean electricity, beneficial co-products, and voluntary carbon removal credits.

VGrid provides the most viable long-term solution for creating sustainable clean energy, sequestering carbon, and reversing climate change overall through a profitable business model that scales.

Addressing a number of other critical environmental issues

In addition to creating clean, renewable energy, VGrid is helping to save water, improve soil health, filter run-off, reduce chemical fertilizers, mitigate forest fires, and revitalize our rural economy.

VGrid has developed the technology and a profitable business model that will reverse climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

VGrid Reverses Climate Change

VGrid’s biomass energy system sequesters CO2 for over a thousand years, while creating clean energy in the process.

Time Magazine

VGrid is proud to be selected for the TIMECO2 Planet Portfolio.

The Bioserver

“Flexible, Mobile & Scalable” is the secret to biomass energy profitability

Electricity and biochar is produced where the biomass is located, rather than transporting biomass to a central facility. This is a more efficient and profitable model, while also providing a lower carbon footprint. VGrid’s Bioservers have been operational for several years and are proven to be reliable, predictable, and scalable, while validating the compelling economics.

Proven, efficient technology


Local - Centralized Production Map


Net Zero is not enough. We need CARBON NEGATIVE solutions that actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Creating clean energy while providing all-natural, value-added solutions