Forbes Interview - Greg Campbell CEO of VGRID Energy Systems

Interviewer: Robert Reiss

As we look for solutions to climate change, I recently spoke with a CEO, Dr. Greg Campbell, who shed some real encouragement about the VGRID model.

Describe the VGRID organization.

VGRID is a renewable energy company that provides low-cost electricity from biomass in a negative carbon cycle that reverses climate change. VGRID Energy Systems is focused on innovating new solutions in renewable energy. The company is starting to deliver breakthrough technology to California Central Valley farmers to reduce their crippling water irrigation bills and to help rebuild their farm soil for long term sustainability. The company is engaged in research and development, prototype fabrication of electronics and complex electromechanical systems with ongoing testing and refinement. VGRID has approximately 60,000 square feet of laboratories, machine shops, fabrication facilities and testing facilities in Camarillo, California. VGRID is committed to developing technologies that are affordable and improve the quality of life while enhancing the environment.

Who are your clients, and how do your clients benefit from VGRID?

Our customers are what keep VGRID successful. VGRID customers have waste biomass and the need for discounted electricity. They benefit from VGRID because they save money on electricity as we sell it to them at a discount, only as it is consumed. They don’t have to pay to remove their waste biomass. They get carbon credits for removing CO2 and they don’t have to pay any upfront cost or provide any manpower.

What are your goals in 5 years? How will you take VGRID globally?

Our goal is to have 1000 machines installed in the US. This will produce 100MW of demand electricity and 360 Million kWh annually. It will prevent the generation of 180,000 tons of CO2 from natural gas electricity generation. It will eliminate 360,000 tons of agricultural waste, prevent 264,000 tons of CO2 emission from that waste and sequester 72,000 tons of carbon. We will go global through partnerships. We are currently in discussion with a potential partner in Australia.

Share some of the breakthroughs that VGRID has experienced, and how are you advancing in the industry?

The technology breakthroughs are in the design of a mobile modular gasifier unit that is fully automated and a genset that can run automatically on the producer gas from the gasifier while meeting emission standards.

What was the key to your success, and what advice do you have for Environmental Entrepreneurs?

The key to VGRID’s success is supportive investors and talented, committed people. My advice for Environmental Entrepreneurs is to never give up their mindset.