Our Mission & Vision

We are developing technology with a positive life-cycle impact on energy generation and worldwide food production.

V-Grid is committed to developing technologies that are affordable and improve the quality of life while enhancing the environment.

V-Grid Energy Systems, Inc. is focused on innovating new solutions in renewable energy. The company is starting to deliver breakthrough technology to California Central Valley farmers to reduce their crippling water irrigation bills and to help rebuild their farm soil for long term sustainability. The company is engaged in research and development, prototype fabrication of electronics and complex electromechanical systems with ongoing testing and refinement. V-Grid has approximately 60,000 square feet of laboratories, machine shops, fabrication facilities and testing facilities in Camarillo, California.

Southern California Based R/D and Pilot Production

V-Grid’s HQ and R&D campus is located in Camarillo, Ca. From this location we are creating our first pilot production run of our Model 100 BioEnergy Servers which will help California farmers with water and electricity needs. We will be conducting field trials with our Model 100 BioEnergy Servers in the 1st quarter of 2017.


V-Grid Demo Bioenergy Server – Adohr Farms 2/25/2016

Below is a demonstration of a V-Grid Bioenergy Server (3rd Generation Prototype) generating affordable, on-demand, distributed electricity using biomass (Ag Waste) for irrigation at Adohr Farms 2-25-2016. This (DEMO) BioEnergy Server not only provided electricity to run the irrigation pump near by, it also was producing enough electricity that we could have easily powered all the near by office buildings too.

A demonstration of a V-Grid Bioenergy Server generating affordable, on-demand,
distributed electricity using biomass (Ag Waste) for irrigation at Adohr Farms 2-25-2016

The Worldwide Risk of Desertification

Per the UN FAO, 40% of the world’s food comes from irrigated farmland, and water tables are dropping in many areas reducing productivity and increasing pumping energy demands. This is especially true in California’s Central Valley and is why we are focusing our efforts to helping California farmers.

Our ability to pump water at dramatically lower cost can boost food production immediately. But the ability to very economically rebuild soil carbon and retain soil nutrients with advance farm specific biochar is also critically important to reverse desertification and maintain long term sustainability.